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Port of Sept-Îles

Annual report 2019

" We are the only port in North America able to accommodate the world's largest bulk carriers "

Pierre D. Gagnon

President & CEO


Our performance
at a glance

$20.8 million


$14.7 million

Net income


Number of ships

29.3 MT

Volume of
goods handled


Contribution to
community life


The port
at a glance


Highlights of the year

Message from management

Pierre D. Gagnon

/ President & CEO

" There has been sustained growth since the multi-user dock was commissioned, so the next 20 years look very bright for the Sept-Îles Port Authority and the regional economy as a whole. "

Carol Soucy

/ Chairman of the board

" It was the best year since the Sept-Îles Port Authority was created in 1999. "


the 20th

In 2019 we invited the whole community to celebrate our 20th year of independence! The big party included outdoor activities, raffles, and entertainment, and we even launched a commemorative beer!

As part of our Cruise for a Day event, we offered community members the opportunity to experience a cruise stopover in Sept-Îles. Over 100 people were able to get a fresh perspective on Sept-Îles and the archipelago. The bigtop was just as abuzz with activity as when a cruise ship comes to call, with artists and artisans on hand to share their culture and creations. Participants enjoyed local product tastings, a coffee at Clickafé in the morning, and a frosty beer at La Compagnie in the afternoon.



The Port of Sept-Îles saw growth of more than 15% in volume handled in 2019, at 29,292,000 tonnes compared to 25,363,000 tonnes the year before. It was the fourth best year since the record-setting 34,948,000 tonnes handled in 1979, and the best year since the Sept-Îles Port Authority was created in 1999. In 2019, 482 ships anchored in Sept-Îles Bay—53 more than in 2018.

It was also a record-breaking year for cruise ships, with the Port welcoming 18,655 passengers and crew members. The season included seven planned calls, including the grand Queen Mary 2 on two occasions, and one unplanned call by the Serenade of the Seas seeking safe harbour from Hurricane Dorian. The ship came in to port with less than 24 hours’ notice and stayed for 34 hours, to the delight of local residents and retailers.



The first International Congress on Industrial Port Research (CIRSIP) was held in Sept-Îles from May 27 to 31, 2019. The congress, which explored the theme of “Scientific Research as a Management Tool,” was presented by the Northern Institute for Research in Environment and Occupational Health and Safety (INREST), the Port of Sept-Îles, and the City of Sept-Îles. CIRSIP brought in more than 40 internationally renowned speakers who shared their knowledge with the 300 people in attendance representing 8 countries. It was a chance to learn about new technologies, management tools, solutions, and strategies for sustainable development tailored to industrial and port facilities and operations.

Our work with the Bay of Sept Îles environmental observatory helped advance the CHONe II’s research on the North Shore.

In the summer of 2019, CHONe II projects continued in the Côte-Nord thanks to the NSERC Canadian Healthy Oceans Network and its partners, including Fisheries and Oceans Canada and INREST (representing the Port of Sept-Îles and the City of Sept-Îles). From 2015 to 2020, 39 researchers from 11 universities and a community college and their students, as well as a number of federal research laboratories from across the nation have worked on 20 research projects. The objectives of these projects are to gain a better understanding of the influence that multiple stressors have on the northern ecosystem and to develop tools to assess the health of these ecosystems so conservation efforts can be more effective.

Photo: Kim Aubut-Demers



Once again this year, the Port of Sept-Îles showed its community spirit and desire to support the families of Sept-Îles. As part of our 20th anniversary, we created opportunities to get together, have fun, and take advantage of everything Sept-Îles has to offer.

We’ve invested close to $100,000 in local community life.

In 2019 we invested nearly $100,000 in the community through our donations and contributions policy, which provides solid financial support to various charitable and family-oriented causes in Sept-Îles.

2019 beneficiaries of the Donations and Contributions Policy

  • Recyk et Frip
  • Chantier Jeunesse Loisirs
  • Vieux-Quai en Fête
  • Centre d’action bénévole Le Virage
  • Tournoi de hockey Classique Oxygène d’Hommes Sept-Ils
  • Station récréotouristique Gallix
  • Festival des Hivernants
  • École Mgr-Blanche
  • Âtre de Sept-Îles
  • Salon du livre de la Côte-Nord
  • Ensemble folklorique Tam Ti Delam
  • Marée Motrice (Vieux-Poste Hanté & Vieux-Poste de Noël)
  • Maison Alouette MOCSI
  • Comptoir alimentaire (Grande guignolée des médias)
  • 5 à Huîtres maritime au profit de L’Élyme des sables
  • L’Envol Maison de la Famille




The $20.8 million growth in revenues (+29%) and $15.6 million increase in operating expenses (+23%) stem mainly from increased activities at the multi-user dock. Higher revenues and operating expenses resulted in favourable operating income of $5.2 million at year’s end, or $1.9 million more than last year.

Other items were relatively stable compared with the previous year, with the exception of the change in the fair value of interest rate swaps. As a result, comprehensive income was positive at $14.7 million, compared to $13.9 million the year before.

Petite histoire d'un grand port

« Notre histoire, c’est celle de la vie à l’heure du bateau, dont on surveillait l’arrivée en scrutant l’horizon et dont on suivait le départ tant qu’il pouvait être vu. […] Notre histoire, c’est l’histoire d’un grand port de mer, à vocation forcément régionale, qui est à la base des grands développements de cette région. Notre histoire, c’est également, un peu, beaucoup même, une partie importante de l’histoire de notre pays. »

– Louis-Ange Santerre, dans Unis par la mer, 1994

2020 Outlook

"Keep an eye on Sept-Îles in the coming months—a host of very promising prospects are in the works at the port. With the recovery of the iron market and the new $220 million multi-user dock, the Port of Sept-Îles could soon become the busiest port in the country."

– From Les Affaires (2017)

The Port of Sept-Îles is committed to preserving its enviable position as a global leader thanks to its world-class, state-of-the-art port facilities, including the multi-user dock capable of handling 50 million tonnes of bulk cargo every year, making it the highest-capacity dock in North America.

The Port of Sept-Îles is positioned as an active and inspiring partner and a model citizen dedicated to supporting initiatives that promote the well-being of its community and protect the ecosystems of the Bay of Sept-Îles.

Perspectives 2020

Avec vous

Les partenaires et usagers

« Des investissements de 20 M$ assurera la mise aux normes d’une infrastructure hautement stratégique pour la région. »

Construit en 1950, le terminal Pointe-aux-Basques a toujours eu une vocation intermodale en servant de porte d’entrée de marchandises pour le nord, en plus d’être le terminal principal pour la desserte maritime qui approvisionne les villages isolés de la Basse-Côte-Nord avec le transit de marchandises par conteneurs et de passagers.

Les gens d'ici

« Nous allons poursuivre la vente de la Pointe aux Basques avec la Microbrasserie La Compagnie et continuer d’offrir notre soutien aux organismes qui veillent au bien-être des famille. »

« On est super fiers de notre partenariat avec le Port de Sept-Îles! » affirme Billy Dumas, copropriétaire de La Compagnie. « Avec la création de la Pointe aux Basques, on poursuivait un double objectif : contribuer de façon significative au bien-être de notre communauté et mettre en valeur l’une des pages importantes de notre histoire industrielle, c’est-à-dire le début des activités portuaires à Sept-Îles. »

Le monde

« Avec la croissance soutenue depuis la mise en service du quai multiusager, les prochains 20 ans s’annoncent des plus prospères. »

De nombreuses opportunités de développement sont dorénavant anticipées pour le vaste secteur de Pointe-Noire maintenant affranchi et constituant un modèle novateur sur la planète comme complexe portuaire intégrant des services d’entreposage et de manutention multiusager.